Abstract Information

Call for Abstracts

(Conference official language is English)
The Scientific Committee is now calling for abstracts for the Conference (online submission). Authors should submit abstracts online by no later than 31 May 2019. All abstracts submitted will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee. The abstract submissions received for the conference will inform the parallel sessions. To maintain the high standards of previous conferences, the review process for the abstract submissions is intensive and thorough. Thereafter acceptance of abstracts for oral or posters will be confirmed with applicants no later than 15 June 2019.

Abstract Format and Content

A good abstract tells us why the original research / project / presentation adds value to the conference, meets a conference theme and ongoing dialogue in the field.

Abstract length is up to 6400 characters (including spaces) with 1,200 characters for the background, 2,000 for methods, 2,000 for results, and another 1,200 for the conclusion.

The abstract should be as informative as possible, and include:

  • Background: state aim, background and specific objective of study/project/programme
  • Methods: shortly describe methods/approach used
  • Results: summarize results/impact of your study/project/programme
  • Conclusions: state conclusions reached and the policy implications of your work

How to Submit your Abstract

When entering the SAMRC Event system, you need to create your PROFILE. Once your profile is created, you will receive a confirmation email.

Using the login details on this login email, you then select SUBMISSION which is the abstract form. Complete the fields and either click SAVE FOR LATER if you do not want to submit immediately or SUBMIT. After submitting your abstract, you will receive confirmation of your submission via email.

Delegates must please take note that if payment has not been received before 15 August 2019 your abstract will automatically be removed from the programme and abstract book.

Oral presentations
Selected oral presentations must be in English, no longer than 10 minutes’ duration, plus five minutes for questions.

Poster presentations
Accepted posters will be on display in a prominent position throughout the conference. Full details for the preparation of posters will be included in the abstract acceptance letter.

Poster details below:
Size of all posters must be 1200mm high x 950 mm in width as indicated below in the illustration

Each delegate will be provided with a poster number whereby he or she will be informed where posters need to be put up. This information will be put on the website shortly.

Delegates are requested to please bring along their own double-sided tape to paste up their poster.